Cash loan for Ukrainian citizens in Poland

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Cash loan for Ukrainian citizens in Poland Cash loan for Ukrainian citizens in Poland

In recent years, the employment market in our country has been changing very dynamically. Many foreigners come to Poland for work purposes and the most numerous group are citizens of our neighbouring country - Ukraine. Many of them make a decision to stay permanently in our country, linking their family's future to it. Poland becomes their home - here they find employment, study, rent or buy flats, start families. What terms should, in fact, a citizen of another country meet to be able to borrow money in Poland?

What documents to prepare?

  • a permanent or a temporary residence card, the minimum required length of stay is 6 months from the day of application,
  • a valid passport, -a certificate from an employer or an employment contract,
  • an active Polish personal bank account with the incomings,
  • PESEL - if PESEL has not been granted, you can submit an application in the municipial office in the place of residence.

In the eyes of the bank, a foreigner with a permanent residence card will be more reliable, however a temporary card does not disqualify a client from an application procedure. It is worth noting, however, that a loan may then be granted for a much shorter period than in the case of a permanent residence. A bank's decision and required documents will also depend on the amount you want to borrow.

Creditworthiness and cash loan

Creditworthiness is a key and a basic factor without which credit will not be granted. Banks often stress that the borrower's country of origin is not as important as stable employment and an adequate income.

What conditions must be met to get a loan?

The conditions that should be met by a Ukrainian citizen do not differ much from those to be met by a Pole. However, most banks require confirmation that a foreigner stays in our country permanently and it is a legal stay. Creditworthiness is assessed in exactly the same way as for other clients. The most important conditions that must be met are stable employment, good credit standing and impeccable credit history.

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