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We deal with all the formalities, collect all the documentation. We will check your credit capacity. Taking out a mortgage, a cash loan, purchasing a property, choosing insurance is a complex process, which invlolves a thorough analysis and  preparation, both on the side of a financial institution and you at all stages. Neither a financial institution nor you can make a mistake. Sometimes even a minor one can cost a fortune.  You can get through this process calmly and safely. All you have to do is employ our financial experts. 

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There are no additional payments or hidden cost. We are payed by financial institutions. Why? This solution lessens the cost on their side. Moreover, we will negotiate the best terms for you. We use proven negotiating strategies, which have been developed for years.

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We are aware of your busy schedule, that is why our experts are mobile and will help you complete all the formalities. We will talk business and money wherever and whenever you want.
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Impossible is nothing - a mortgage for a foreigner in a nuthshell

Thanks to a growing market more and more foreigners are interested in purchasing a flat in Poland.
Experienced financial experts from Platinum Eye can make your dream come true. 


Do you have an employment contract and live in Poland? - the task of getting a mortgage couldn't be easier. If you receive your salary in PLN, it means you pay your taxes in Poland. All you need to arrange a loan is a valid passport or ID, a residence card and a residence address certificate along with PESEL number (national identity number). 


The task becomes a little bit more tricky if you live and work abroad. According to the Polish law, the currency of a mortgage loan should match the currency of income.  In Poland, mortgages are available only in five foreign currencies: EUR, GBP, USD, SEK, NOK. The ideal situation would be if a client had any ties with Poland, e.g. a spouse or a partner with whom they can apply for a mortgage. The mandatory term, however, is PESEL number, which can be obtained only if you have a temporary or permanent address in Poland. Taking out a mortgage is doable, although there will be limitations in bank offers. 


Note that a mortgage loan does not come entirely for free. You must be prepared to dip into your savings for initial fees. A maximum percentage of the bank's input into your loan is 90% (LTV), which means you will need to cover at least 10% of the property value. (In case of a foreign currency LTV is a minimum of 80%). Another cost is an arrangement fee and a comission fee, which vary among bank offers. Last but not least, there are notarial, property valuation and insurance fees. Additionally, for a purchase in a secondary market one must be prepared for the cost of tax on civil law transactions (PCC) charged 2% of the purchase price.


The good news, though, is that our experts provide services that are free of charge.  Every client needs to be considered individually. Do not hesitate to contact our mortgage brokers, who will be happy to walk you through the details of cooperation, and will assess your credit capacity for free!

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Conditions for obtaining a loan for a foreigner in Poland

In most cases, a bank or a lending company requires people from outside the European Union to have a permanent residence card and a visa. These are the basic documents thanks to which this type of institution can confirm the fact that a given person stays legally in our country. Another, equally important issue is also a stable and of course legal source of income, which should be properly documented. The amount of such an income must, of course, also allow the borrower to repay the loan installments on a monthly basis.

For a financial institution, which services we want to use, it is also very important what type of contract binds the client with the employer. As you can guess, mainly contracts for an indefinite period are welcomed, although a fixed-term contract is also given preferential treatment. However, this is not the rule, because in recent years banks have started to look favorably on other types of contracts. Therefore, most of them do not dismiss those working on a mandate contract, a specific task contract, or self-employed clients.

History and creditworthiness of a foreigner in Poland

For each financial institution that grants cash loans, it is extremely important to verify the credit history of each client, but also their creditworthiness. A person from outside our country, who does not have Polish citizenship, should try to build his credit history from the very beginning of their stay, which is not particularly difficult.


The easiest and at the same time the best way to do this is to set up an account with a Polish bank. Our salary should be regularly sent to such an account, which is a signal for banks that we are accumulating some funds. Of course, depending on our needs, we should also use such an account when making transfers or withdrawing cash from it using an ATM card. All this makes us more reliable as potential borrowers for the bank. The only thing we must absolutely remember is the timely repayment of all debts arising, for example, on a credit card.


Of course, one could say that such credit history is very modest, but it matters. Especially if the account has regular incomes from work performed in our country.

Cash loan for a foreigner in Poland - documents

As you can guess, each bank and other financial institutions set their own terms for granting cash loans. They may also have different requirements as to the documents that the borrower must provide to them. In most cases, however, these include:

  • employment contract or employment confirmation certificate,
  • permanent or temporary residence card for foreigners, who do not yet have a permanent residence card,
  • registration of residence in Poland,
  • valid passport,
  • PESEL number,
  • Credit report from country of origin.

In addition, financial institutions require a foreigner applying for a loan to have an active account number in a Polish bank. Although, if such a person has been legally working in our country for some time, and has build their creditworthiness, this requirement is usually already met.

Where to apply for a cash loan for foreigners in Poland

Do you want to take a loan? Contact our credit advisor. When looking for the right loan, we want it to be cheap and easily available. However, it is difficult to find your way through the many offers on the market. If you do not want to overpay and do not know which loan to choose, contact our credit advisors. Regardless of whether you are an individual customer or an entrepreneur, our advisors will help you find the cheapest loan that will not affect your home budget. Credit counseling is especially needed when we think about a mortgage and a debt for many years. It is then worth finding the most favorable loan with a low installment. Platinum Eye credit advisors will also analyze your contract, complete all formalities, and even take part in negotiations with the bank. Thanks to us, you can be sure that the contract will be beneficial for you and that the costs of the loan will not be too high.

Comparing loans and mortgages has never been so easy

If you want a quick comparison of loans and mortgages, use legible and transparent financial comparisons prepared by Platinum Eye. Thanks to this, you will find out how high your installment will be and what credit you can afford. Comparing loans with our comparison tool is very simple. You will also learn what your creditworthiness may be.

The calculators concern banking products such as cash, mortgage, housing, car loans and consolidation loans. Thanks to this you can check, among others, installments, credit standing and APRC value for the selected liability.

Comparison websites and rankings collect information from various, most popular and best banks, including Credit Agricole, Nest Bank, mBank, ING, Eurobank, Alior Bank, PKO, WBK, Getin Bank, Bnp Paribas, Santander, Bank Pekao, Citi Handlowy and Bank Millennium.

Financial advice - not just loans

We cannot predict the future, but we can properly protect ourselves and sleep soundly. That's why it's worth insuring yourself. Not only will our financial advisors help you reduce the cost of the policy, but also choose the best insurance with the lowest premium. Especially for you, we will prepare an insurance comparison of 19 financial institutions, negotiate discounts and ensure your comfort. We offer life insurance, home and flat, car (OC and AC) and travel insurance.

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